New green brand name

A modern production facility and a new, fully-automated production line

In 2020 we acquired financing within the Smart Growth Operational Programme for „Implementation of Research and Development works in the range of chemical preparations obtained on the basis of raw materials from renewable sources”. co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of sub-action 3.2.1 „Bring research results to the market” of the Smart Growth Development for the years 2014-2020. As a result of participating in the programme a new production facility has been built with a modern line where innovative chemical auxiliary preparations for building chemistry and other industrial applications will be manufactured.

New innovative ingredients in formulas

Anti-foaming and defoaming preparations ROFOAM as well as wax emulsions ROMIKS are a new line of auxiliary preparations for industry improved in terms of composition and effectiveness. The products in this group contain innovative active ingredients as well as carriers of these ingredients based on renewable raw materials of plant origin. The preparations demonstrate a high operational efficiency and a better biodegradability and therefore they do not burden the environment as the products based on conventional composition do.

More renewable raw materials of plant origin

The line of products ROFOAM and ROMIKS have been designed to limit the use of non-renewable raw materials by at least 20% of the total production. In this group there are also new, innovative products containing over 90% of the renewable raw materials of plant origin.

More post-consumer packagings

Due to ecological reasons and with the environment in mind we try to limit to a maximum extent the usage of new packagings made of plastic on the market, therefore our products are also packaged in full-value industrial packagings after refurbishment delivered by specialised companies.

Elimination of barriers and the principle of equal opportunities

The new production facility has been built according to the principle of equal opportunities and nondiscrimination. It allows all people regardless of gender, age, disability, race and ethnic origin, religion or worldview and sexual orientation – a fair, full participation in all areas of life on an equal footing. It entails elimination of all professional barriers both architectural and those associated with the access to information as well as the recruitment process of new employees.

Increase in employment

Rowis System Company places a multifaceted emphasis on development in area of production, sale and new products, which leads to increase in employment. Along with the development of our brands ROFOAM and ROMIKS, it is planned to increase employment by 10%.



After having been on the market for 25 years, Rowis System launches a new brand of products ROFOAM and ROMIKS which put the company on a sustainable growth path. The products are geared towards the current and constantly changing needs of the market as well as protection of natural environment, which increasingly requires action and more care from our side.

The expectations of our clients are growing year by year. What is important is quality, price and availability of products. Recently, clients’ expectations towards the ecological surrounding of the product have also changed and are now more focused on the source of origin, raw materials used in production, their impact on our environment and human health. In our times when we start realising that the resources we exploit are limited and will finish some day, we are searching for new alternatives.

ROFOAM and ROMIKS respond to this demand.